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Personal Life Coach & Events Speaker (member of PSA)

– satisfied only with great results!

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Working with individuals, Anthony PERSONAL COACHING has produced amazing results from permanent weight loss to huge financial gains.

So ask yourself: have you LOST your independence? Do you feel OUT OF TOUCH with the real you? Is your energy LOW and perhaps you have LOST your sparkle? Have you GAINED weight? Has your life become PREDICTABLE? Do you have LOW self esteem? Perhaps your confidence has taken a BACK SEAT?… OR perhaps your just want to be happier and even more successful?

SO WHAT IS STOPPING YOU FROM TAKING ACTION RIGHT NOW? What are you waiting for? Perhaps you are waiting for tomorrow or someday to arrive? Let me ask you, if you don’t take action right NOW where will you be in one week, one month, one year from today?

CONTACT the Passion4Life Team today to request a FREE no obligation 30 minute personal coaching session and begin to improve your life.

Trained in the field of NLP, Motivation and Leadership, Business and Property Investment as well as in Health and Wellness by well established professionals such as: Anthony Robbins, Joseph McClendon III, Dr Richard Bandler, Kevin Green (Secret Millionaire), Brandon Bays, Chet Holmes, Dr Paul McKenna and Michael Neill.

You can be assured that if Anthony agrees to work with you, his coaching sessions will be tailored to meet your specific business and/or personal needs; and measurable results will always be factored into his fees. Resolve to make a difference – start today!

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“Anthony has always been the one ‘to make a difference’…”

“Since his arrival at Prestige Network, Anthony has always been the one “to make a difference”. His presence and professional and management skills have been a major factor in the success of the company.”

“Anthony has the integrity and the courage to stick with what really matters and knows what it takes to motivate staff, build customer loyalty and profitability and to create a winning team.”

John D Dickens, UK
Business & Management Consultant

A new woman…

As a new woman to the organisation I found Sherry and Anthony’s training event extremely beneficial and gave me a greater understanding of the journey that the organisation is taking and the steps needed to get there. The session left me highly motivated, focused and with clear direction…

Pam Catterall, UK
Business Development Manager

WOW! What a woman and a true inspiration.

WOW! What a woman and a true inspiration. Shohreh (Sherry) shows a real passion for people and for life… Having first met Shohreh in a business capacity, she is always a delight to deal with. Her motivation and enthusiasm coupled with her determination and business mind have led her to be the successful property guru that she is today. She has a forward thinking approach, nothing is a problem… it’s simply a challenge to which we have to find the answer. I would recommend speaking to this very intelligent business woman, irrespective of how successful you are already, I’m sure she will be able to teach you something new!

Fraser Crumlish, UK
Estate Agent

“I fell in love with his enthusiasm for life.”

I met Anthony many years ago and fell in love with his enthusiasm for life. I think his true calling has always been to help people in finding a better path while going through a struggle. Anthony’s strong points are his spiritual insight and his kind heart. He is a true friend and an excellent guide.

It is an honor for me to call him my brother, though we are not related. In recent times, he has given me some health advice, simple to follow, which has been a miracle cure for my physical weight and health. He will never push you to do anything you do not see best fit for you. His gentle approach, rehabilitates your mind, body and spirit… now that’s what I call a true friend!

Kamelia Sadeghi Dadgar, USA
Systems Programmer

Sherry is simply quite Inspirational!

Sherry is simply quite inspirational. After attending one of her seminars I came away with the motivation to make changes in my life and felt encouraged to reflect on what is was I really wanted out of life.

Talking from her own experiences, Sherry spoke with such enthusiasm and spirit – she certainly increased my confidence and I realized that my goals were not that difficult to achieve if I adopted Sherrys ‘can do’ attitude! I’ve learnt to take time out just for me and financially, Sherry offered an abundance of advice and tips towards becoming wealthier.

I have no doubt with her personal coaching sessions, Sherry will either give you that push you need to succeed or just the helping hand you require to reach that next step. The seminar was fantastic and I will definitely be attending the next one. I too deserve to be successful, wealthy and glamorous!!

Samantha Harper, UK
Property Portfolio Manager

“I can’t believe that I have never heard about these sessions before I met you…”


“Thank you very much for your creative ‘life coaching’ sessions.”

“I can’t believe that I have never heard about these sessions before I met you. They changed my work and more especially my personal life. They should be introduced to everybody so they can have a chance to introduce colour into their black and white lives as they did for me. I still remember your passion and enthusiasm – and the best thing of all is that it still lasts!

Thank you again for sharing this extraordinary experience with me Anthony.”

Mirka Stanislavova, UK & Czech
Translation Project Manager

“The difference this has made to my life is incredible!”

Hello Anthony,

“Thank you ever so much for your innovative session!”

“It’s amazing how, if we train our mind, it does exactly what we tell it to!! And the session with you did just that – it completely banished the fear of darkness from my mind. When I walk down a road now, I am no longer nervously looking over my shoulder. Your creative approach to this certainly helped me overcome my fear. The difference this has made to my life is incredible!”

Salome Wagh, UK & USA
Operations Manager

“It wasn’t just the business though that thrived…”

“I had a thriving business and you were determined to make an impression; and even at such a young age [under 25 at that time - late 1970s], you soon became the Manager of my business. Everyone responded well to you. Well who wouldn’t? You had a good team spirit and were able to interact and motivate your associates well. You had a very good impact on my business and were a positive influence on all those around you.”

“It wasn’t just the business though that thrived. I myself seemed to become a very different human being. You had, and I imagine still have, a calming and inspiring influence on all those around you. Tony, you taught me so much about life and about spiritual things which, I believe, in time made me a better person. So what I am trying to say is simply this: Anthony, thank you for being my friend.”

Sue Tranter, UK
Ex Director & Shareholder of ‘West Country & Wales Wholesale’

“Anthony has made a great impact on the business…”

“Since joining Prestige Network in June 2001, Anthony has made a great impact on the business. His positive and focused mind, his creative enthusiasm and his love for people have been major factors in turning my business into a multi-million pound turnover company and the leading language Services Provider in the UK.”

“It is impossible to be around Anthony and not be influenced by his positive attitude and his great zest for life. His presence is inspiring and his motivational and creative spirit and approach to life and business spurs on those around him to turn every challenge into a rewarding opportunity.”

Shohreh Khorassani, UK
CEO Prestige Network Ltd