“Anthony has made a great impact on the business…”

“Since joining Prestige Network in June 2001, Anthony has made a great impact on the business. His positive and focused mind, his creative enthusiasm and his love for people have been major factors in turning my business into a multi-million pound turnover company and the leading language Services Provider in the UK.”

“It is impossible to be around Anthony and not be influenced by his positive attitude and his great zest for life. His presence is inspiring and his motivational and creative spirit and approach to life and business spurs on those around him to turn every challenge into a rewarding opportunity.”

Shohreh Khorassani, UK
CEO Prestige Network Ltd

About the Author:
I am an International Business Coach. I blend Business and Life Coaching to achieve great results. I'm also a Property Investor; and a Charity Trustee of: 'Young People and Children First' which is based in the UK. By June 2017 I will be the author of my first book 'I Believe In You!' I coach people all over the world including Australia, Taiwan, Luxembourg, Sweden, Thailand & Singapore and of course throughout England.

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