“It wasn’t just the business though that thrived…”

“I had a thriving business and you were determined to make an impression; and even at such a young age [under 25 at that time – late 1970s], you soon became the Manager of my business. Everyone responded well to you. Well who wouldn’t? You had a good team spirit and were able to interact and motivate your associates well. You had a very good impact on my business and were a positive influence on all those around you.”

“It wasn’t just the business though that thrived. I myself seemed to become a very different human being. You had, and I imagine still have, a calming and inspiring influence on all those around you. Tony, you taught me so much about life and about spiritual things which, I believe, in time made me a better person. So what I am trying to say is simply this: Anthony, thank you for being my friend.”

Sue Tranter, UK
Ex Director & Shareholder of ‘West Country & Wales Wholesale’

About the Author:
I am an International Business Coach. I blend Business and Life Coaching to achieve great results. I'm also a Property Investor; and a Charity Trustee of: 'Young People and Children First' which is based in the UK. By June 2017 I will be the author of my first book 'I Believe In You!' I coach people all over the world including Australia, Taiwan, Luxembourg, Sweden, Thailand & Singapore and of course throughout England.

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