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-> Lifestyle Elements
“Money has been at the forefront of many people’s minds over the past few years with job instability, changes in tax, and decreasing pay cheques etc. It is understandable that the change in the economy has not passed without leaving a negative effect on our financial mindsets.”

-> Newbury College
“Business students received a visit from guest speaker Anthony Fleming of Passion4Life Ltd”

-> BBC Radio Berkshire
“Life Coach and Confidence Spectialist, Anthony Fleming, was interviewed on BBC Radio Berkshire on Sunday 26 February 2012. During the interview he invited the listeners to his one day seminar: Millionaire Minds II.”

-> News Flash: Millionaire Minds II
“Can We Really Change Our Mindsets Towards Wealth? With the world economy being the focus on daily living, is it only the rich that get richer? Do the rich have secretive wealth maps that they pass out among themselves? Is it true, you would rather be happy than rich?” Read more…

-> FabAfterFifty
“First of all identify as many of the limiting thoughts and beliefs you have with regard to money. For example, “I’d rather be healthy than be rich.”, “There’s not enough money to go round.”, “We can’t afford it.”, “Rich people are selfish.”, “You have to work hard to earn more money.”, etc. etc. Why? Because in the first instance, why must you choose to be healthy or rich? Why can’t you have both?

-> SourceWire
Anthony Fleming said: “Many of us start the new year with new year’s resolutions that are never realised. My free seminar will give people an opportunity to make a new start and break from this cycle. By taking control of our situation and changing our perceptions we can be sure to start 2012 with a financial advantage.”

-> That’s Business
“Anthony will also be joined by a guest speaker who has built a multi-million pound property portfolio and has over 20 years experience as a CEO.”

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