10 July 2011 (Health & Weight)


“I attended Anthony Fleming’s Health Seminar on 10th July 2011. Anthony puts a lot of passion into his work and has a gentle persuasive manner that encourages you to action. He is enthusiastic about life and sharing what he has learnt with everyone. It is clear that Anthony not only teaches about the ways to improve our health, but he does it himself too. I’m now using his suggestions to improve my energy and health. Great seminar!” – Antonia Leth

“It was a fantastic day Anthony, thank you! I was so charged up I kept going for couple more hours by watching other health related videos on YouTube!” – Meryem Munro

“I just wish to let you know how much I enjoyed your seminar on 10th July. It has reinforced my awareness that healthy living and healthy eating are completely and utterly intertwined. I found the whole day very agreeable and most interesting with varied activities. Actually, I was so into it that the seven hours passed by very quickly. Your seminar has given me hope that through diet and more daily soft exercise (I will never be a gym fanatic!), I will be able to control and even beat my health problems, especially GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease)… It has given me hope for a full recovery and self-belief. That’s it from me Anthony. Of course, I will let you how I get along and wish to be kept on tracks about other events that you will no doubt organize. Thank you!” – Kath Best

“Hi Anthony, Thank you for inviting me to your seminar, I really took a lot from the day. You’ll be pleased to know I’ve just ordered a juicer online!” – Hazel Loutsis

“It was good to see you too along with all others there. I enjoyed the whole experience I have to admit it has actually made me sit back and think am I really aware of the way I take health for granted. Thanks for the whole experience.” – Dave Gill

“Awesome seminar! I can’t think how I would have spent the Sunday any better.” – Salome Wagh

“Tony… bleary eyed at 4.30am I crawled out of bed as I had a long way to travel to get to your seminar…. but was is worth it? YES! YES! YES! 7 hours flew by before I knew it! What a mine of information and lots of excitement; and what a fantastic group of people! The whole day just ROCKED and the atmosphere was electric! You never cease to amaze me with your stamina and your easy to understand dialogue as well as your thought provoking ideas… Thank you for inviting me and including me in this eye opening health seminar.” – Anne Ward


“Health, Weight Loss & Nutrition”

DATE: Sunday 10th July 2011
TIME: 10am to 5.30pm


  • How to lose weight – permanently.
  • How to adopt healthy lifestyle changes.
  • How to incorporate simple exercises into your daily routines.
  • How to avoid degenerative diseases.
  • How to slow down ageing and look younger.
  • How to change bad habits into good habits.
  • How to eat lots of food and still lose weight
  • Understand the link between your mind and body.
  • How to stop smoking and/or drinking – permanently.
  • Learn about alternative treatments for illness.
  • Which foods should you avoid?
  • Which foods and drinks should you have regularly?
  • Learn how to feel great and have more energy.
  • And much, much more….
  • REFRESHMENTS: light, healthy buffet lunch; tea, coffee and water.

    LOCATION: The Paris Suite, Regency Park Hotel, Bowling Green Road, Thatcham, Berkshire, RG18 3RP [Google Maps]

    GUARANTEE: Full money back guarantee.

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    “I’m a walking, talking miracle!”

    – Anne Ward –