• Jon Wood,
    Financial Advisor

    I first contacted Anthony immediately after a presentation that I wasn’t happy with. Whilst my career was becoming more and more successful I found myself having a crisis of confidence as the ‘work spot light’ was being shone onto me. I decided that it was time to speak to somebody about it and made contact with Anthony. My time with Anthony has been fantastic and money well invested. He has helped me regain my confidence and I am now flying at work. As I write this, I am less than 2 months into our business year and already 150% of my annual target! Anthony told me many things that I already knew but had forgotten, he has taught me to focus on but more importantly, remember the positive things about myself. My job is going fantastically well and there are no signs of the crisis of confidence that had affected me so badly. I would strongly recommend speaking with Anthony, whether it’s related to work or personal matters. It has helped me hugely and I suspect it would help you too.

  • Ozlem Graves, UK & Turkey,
    Textile Designer

    Anthony, you have a natural ability to bring out the positive side in people. Your encouragement has given me the confidence to succeed and support others... Thank you for everything.

  • Kath Best, UK,
    Teacher & Mother

    Dear Anthony, I just wish to let you know how much I enjoyed your health seminar on July 10th. It has reinforced my awareness that healthy living and healthy eating are completely and utterly intertwined. I found the whole day very agreeable and most interesting with varied activities. Actually, I was so into it that the 7 hours passed by very quickly. As you know, for almost a decade I have suffered from chronic lower back pain with a diagnosed damaged spine and sometimes crippling muscular spasms with acute sciatica. Since 2007, I have also endured a worsening Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD)... I also have a low functioning thyroid which is covered with colloid cysts and more recently osteoarthritis which has started to deform some toe and finger joints. I was told by several consultants that I was just unlucky to have inherited these ‘family traits’. However, your seminar has given me hope that through diet and more daily soft exercise (I will never be a gym fanatic!), I will be able to control and even beat my health problems... It has given me hope for a full recovery and self-belief. I have adopted many things since your seminar which include drinking more water, eating more raw food, swimming and walking, I will buy a juicer, I am thinking positively and believe in my goals for health, and I have started to lose weight... Of course, I will let you how I get along and wish to be kept on tracks about other events that you will no doubt organize. Thank you Anthony.

  • Samantha Diamond, Luxembourg,
    Ambassador for Charities

    I am receiving Life Coaching from Anthony who is based in the UK while I am based in Luxembourg. How? Through SKYPE! And I can confirm that after only a few hours working together it has already changed my life. Anthony’s impact has been enormous. I feel more focused, I see my goals more clearly, I feel a real boost in my confidence and my energy levels; my decision makings have increased and I am already moving forward. I came to quickly realize that I can become all I am meant to be, all I dream of being… I have no hesitations in recommending Anthony.

  • Mirka Stanislavova, Czech & UK,
    Translation Project Manager

    Anthony, thank you very much for your creative ‘life coaching’ sessions. I can’t believe that I had never heard about these sessions before I met you. They changed my work and more especially my personal life. They should be introduced to everybody so they can have a chance to introduce colour into their black and white lives as they did for me. I still remember your passion and enthusiasm – and the best thing of all is that it still lasts! Thank you again for sharing this extraordinary experience with me.

  • Kamelia Sadeghi Dadgar, U.S.A,
    Systems Programmer and Mother

    I met Anthony many years ago and fell in love with his enthusiasm for life. I think his true calling has always been to help people in finding a better path while going through a struggle. Anthony’s strong points are his spiritual insight and his kind heart. He is a true friend and an excellent guide. It is an honor for me to call him my brother, though we are not related. In recent times, he has given me some health advice, simple to follow, which has been a miracle cure for my physical weight and health. He will never push you to do anything you do not see best fit for you. His gentle approach, rehabilitates your mind, body and spirit… now that’s what I call a true friend!

  • Sue Tranter, UK,
    Ex Director & Shareholder of ‘West Country & Wales Wholesale’

    I had a thriving business and you were determined to make an impression; and even at such a young age [under 25 at that time - late 1970s], you soon became the Manager of my business. Everyone responded well to you. Well who wouldn’t? You had a good team spirit and were able to interact and motivate your associates well. You had a very good impact on my business and were a positive influence on all those around you. It wasn’t just the business though that thrived. I myself seemed to become a very different human being. You had, and I imagine still have, a calming and inspiring influence on all those around you. You taught me so much about life and about spiritual things which, I believe, in time made me a better person. So what I am trying to say is simply this: Tony, thank you for being my friend.

  • Shohreh Khorassani, UK,
    Director of Finance, Prestige Network Ltd (previously the CEO for over 20 years)

    "Anthony’s involvement with Prestige Network spanned over 13 years, 2001-2014. His impact on the day to day management of the company, staff morale and the company’s growth and profitability was undeniably huge and dramatic. Anthony has a natural insight into the behaviour of people and as such is a great advisor to any company with staff issues. Working as a Business Consultant in the last 2 years of his involvement with Prestige Network, he achieved exemplary results the like of which was never experienced by any other consultant. In these 22 months he managed to greatly increase customer retention, create a solid and capable management team and increase profits dramatically. He will be pleased to know that the company has continued to do well since his departure."

  • Kamran Derakhshan, Switzerland,
    Senior Project Manager

    I was at a critical junction in my life and needed to make a major decision. Tony inspired me, he instilled me with self-confidence and infused me with passion about my situation. He gave me a vision to work with that ultimately helped me not only to make that life altering decision, but to follow it through and make it a success! I will be always be thankful to Tony for that and I recommend him highly to anyone who desires a life coach who, before all else, is truly committed to your success and well-being.

  • Anne Ward, UK,
    Artist and Mother

    I am basically a very angry quick tempered/no nonsense female. I am kinda negative about things in general... I allowed Tony to 'work' on me and I was pretty much open minded about it. He got me in a relaxed state and began releasing all the anger etc., allowing all the good and positive forces to replace the negative. I must say it felt good. The week that followed I found myself acting quite differently! I seemed to be more patient; I seemed so much calmer; I cut down my *alcohol intake and I cut down smoking. My family and friends were amazed and thought I'd had a brain transplant! I liked the 'new' me and I know in my heart that if I could keep to Tony's advice, that I would cope with whatever life throws at me and deal with it accordingly. I will have to see Tony again soon to get another 'fix'. *Anne stopped drinking alcohol on 1st March 2010 and adopted a new healthy lifestyle. She has also lost over 50 pounds in weight.

  • Peter Lorenz, Slovakia & UK,
    NLP Coach & Trainer

    Tony’s sense of perception is awesome and amazingly intuitive. He approaches the issues from such a high realm of value that undoubtedly everyone having interaction with him will greatly benefit. His methods are life transforming and surprisingly practical, producing effective results which can last a lifetime!

  • Salome Wagh, India & UK,
    Sales Manager

    Anthony, thank you ever so much for your innovative session! It’s amazing how, if we train our mind, it does exactly what we tell it to!! And the session with you did just that – it completely banished the fear of darkness from my mind. When I walk down a road now, I am no longer nervously looking over my shoulder. Your creative approach to this certainly helped me overcome my fear. The difference this has made to my life is incredible!

  • Monika Bauregger,
    HR Advisor

    Your energy and enthusiasm at the seminar was awesome! You truly have a vey positive effect on people! I look forward to many more of these seminars. Anthony, you are an inspiring person! Thank you for the opportunity of this seminar. I came in at level 2 and left at level 10. You are inspiring Anthony!