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"Don't let your past define your future!"

Xmas (Business)

Are you a forward thinking Employer?
This offer is specifically designed for forward thinking Companies and Employers who wish to reward their employees at Christmas with something that will benefit them for a life time, rather than the usual box of chocolates and/or an end of year bonus. An employer may choose just one or both of the offers below:

Option 1:
Anthony holds a one day (10am to 5pm) seminar on location that has been specifically designed around the needs and issues of the employees. Minimum 50 employees @ £157 each.

Option 2:
The employer buys a 1 1/4 hour one2one coaching session for each of their employees. The employees may choose whatever issues or challenges or goals they wish to be addressed by Anthony. All coaching will be done personally by Anthony via Skype. Minimum 25 employees @ £199 each.

There is a 40% discount offered on the above prices for orders confirmed and paid for by the 29th November 2011 otherwise prices quoted are in full.

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“Since his arrival in Prestige Network, Anthony has always been the one ‘to make a difference’. His presence and professional and management skills have been a major factor in the success of the company.”

“Anthony has the integrity and the courage to stick with what really matters and knows what it takes to motivate staff, build customer loyalty and profitability and to create a winning team.”

Mr John D Dickens
Business & Management Consultant

“I had a thriving business and you were determined to make an impression; and even at such a young age [under 25 at that time – late 1970s], you soon became the Manager of my business. Everyone responded well to you. Well who wouldn’t? You had a good team spirit and were able to interact and motivate your associates well. You had a very good impact on my business and were a positive influence on all those around you.”

“It wasn’t just the business though that thrived. I myself seemed to become a very different human being… You had, and I imagine still have, a calming and inspiring influence on all those around you. Thank you Anthony.”

Mrs Sue Tranter
Previous Owner of ‘West Country and Wales Wholesale’

“I am receiving Life Coaching from Anthony who is based in the UK while I am based in Luxembourg. How? Through SKYPE! And I can confirm that after only a few hours working together it has already changed my life. Anthony’s impact has been enormous. I feel more focused, I see my goals more clearly, I feel a real boost in my confidence and my energy levels; my decision makings have increased and I am already moving forward. I came to quickly realize that I can become all I am meant to be, all I dream of being…

I have no hesitations in recommending Anthony.”

Samantha Diamond
Scuba Diving Instructor, Luxembourg

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Personal One to One Life Coaching

Effective Life Coaching is achieved when you have reached a place in your life when you are ready and perhaps hungry for change and you have found a Life Coach that you trust.

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Public Speaking

If you are looking for a heart-felt, experienced and motivational speaker, just ask me to check my calendar. I can speak on a variety of topics such as 'Women in Business', 'The Value of Diversity', 'Creative Action During Covid-19'... and much more.

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Business Coaching

I am committed to empowering and motivating professional business women and men with one-to-one coaching and business mentoring. With my passion for results and success I'll ensure that together we will definitely move your business forward and get great results!

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What my clients say

My job is going fantastically well and there are no signs of the crisis of confidence that had affected me so badly. I would strongly recommend speaking with Anthony, whether it’s related to work or personal matters. It has helped me hugely and I suspect it would help you too.
Jon Wood, Financial Advisor

Anthony, you have a natural ability to bring out the positive side in people. Your encouragement has given me the confidence to succeed and support others... Thank you for everything.
Ozlem Graves, UK & Turkey, Textile Designer